I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling 22…


So last week, I turned 22. It is now time to commence the year I can shamelessly scream ‘that’ Taylor Swift song as the top of my lungs whenever I feel. I have to say, I am feeling 22, as well as very grateful and motivated. Birthday’s are always a time to spend with my family and friends, get nice food and I always make little goals for my next year of life. This year so far has been an incredible one, and I can’t wait for my 22nd to be my happiest and most achieving yet. Especially becoming more accepting of myself, my body and overcoming some of the bad shit I’ve been through.I thought I’d do a little run down of my 22nd birthday, as I truly had the most wonderful time and some really thoughtful presents.

For my actual birthday (Friday), I was actually at work. My lovely parents delivered me a sharing cake to work, each slice was a different flavour, to share with my colleagues. It was such a nice surprise when it was delivered. My lovely colleagues also treated me to some luxurious chocolate, champagne and a couple beers to dilute the work stress.

Birthday sharing cake

On the evening of my birthday, my boyfriend surprised me to a gorgeous meal at the Alchemist. I’ve been before and I love the cocktails there, so it would have been rude to not have one. I had the flavour changing cocktail, and the Chai Iced Tea one. The Chai Iced Tea was my favourite as it cake smoking in a science tube. Unfortunately, I can’t show you that as I only took a video ☹️

the alchemist

On Saturday, my family came to visit and we went up to the View from the Shard, which was incredible. The view really is something else and I really enjoyed it.


We then went on to Covent Garden for lunch at Maxwell’s and my parents got out yet another cake (this was my third in 2 days). This was a proper patisserie cake, and it was stunning.

birthday cake

As I’m obviously a little older now, I tend to just ask for money for my birthday. But my lovely boyfriend always gets me pressies. This year I got a selection of clothes and even some running shoes, as I’m getting back into fitness asap. My sister bought me this wonderful little jewellery case, as I keep my jewellery in old boxes and I really wanted something special and that looked nice. I also got a beautiful teapot and a caffetière, as I am moving to London next week. I can’t forget to mention the big Millie’s Cookie as well, 2 days later and it’s been completely scoffed.


This was a very random and rambly post, but I just like sharing what I’m up to. I always love my birthday as it always means having fun with my family. I can’t wait for what year 22 brings me, and I’m starting it off with ticking a huge milestone off my list with moving to London on Thursday. Also make sure you check out Lavrax London’s post here, she turned 22 the day before I did and she has put together the most amazing post called “22 bits of advice for life in your 20s”.

Are any of you also March babies? Also, let me know what your favourite thing to do on your birthday is…

Molly ♥


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