50 Things That Make Me Happy Tag


Hello, today I am coming at you with another tag post. This time I was tagged by the wonderful Hannah from Hannah’s Bookshelf to do the 50 things that make me happy tag. I loved reading Hannah’s post, and I’ve never heard of this one before. I’ve been in a bit of a negative headspace recently and I thought this post is such a lovely idea and will hopefully lift me up and remind me to focus on the happy aspects of my life. Make sure to check out Hannah’s post and blog, she is currently doing a great feature where she post about a different blogger every day in November which is definitely worth a look at!

50 things that make me happy:

  1. Being attacked by puppy love every time I walk through the door
  2. Baking lots of yummy treats
  3. Having people say they like my baking
  4. Spending time with my boyfriend after not having seen him for weeks
  5. Treating myself to a fancy Christmas coffee
  6. When someone reads a book I recommended to them
  7. Blogging
  8. My £3.99 Christmas candle from Home Bargains
  9. Getting to use all my fancy stationery and fluffy pens
  10. Getting absolutely steaming with my best pals and dancing like an idiot all night
  11. Getting to do a really good workout at the gym
  12. Cuddling up in my fluffy onesie with blankets and hot chocolate
  13. Getting to see my favourite bands in concert (Mumford and Sons in 2 weeks yay)
  14. Going Christmas decoration shopping with my Mum in John Lewis every year
  15. Finishing a really really good book
  16. Putting on fake tan and feeling like a new woman
  17. Sundays
  18. Cheesy chips after a night out
  19. Watching other people open the presents I got for them
  20. Going to festivals
  21. Going for a coffee and cake with my Mum
  22. Having a film night with my besties
  23. Putting together my photo album
  24. Fluffy socks
  25. Being out in the snow
  26. Roast dinners
  27. Scheduling my life and colour co-ordinating my timetable
  28. Eating Lotus Biscoff spread out of the jar with a spoon (try it)
  29. Those really tiny pumpkins you can buy in October
  30. Afternoon tea
  31. Listening to music that reminds me of my Dad (he has great taste in music)
  32. When it finally becomes an acceptable temperature to get my mittens out
  33. Going months without an eczema flare up (thank you to my skin for doing me a solid)
  34. When I get to use the ugly Christmas mugs my Boyfriend buys me every year
  35. Listening to the Beauty and the Beast soundtrack
  36. The fact I just found out I got a job at Waterstones for Christmas, wooooooo
  37. Getting to have a long conversation about a book with someone
  38. Wrapping presents
  39. Reaching a reading goal
  40. Putting up Christmas decorations
  41. When I get to be a materialistic bitch and wear my Louis Vuitton bag
  42. Watching Great British Bake Off
  43. Eating a whole bag of Dairy Milk caramel nibbles to myself
  44. Chilling with a face mask and a bath
  45. Getting to explore new bookstores
  46. The charity bookshop in my town
  47. Krispy Kreme Donuts
  48. Going ice skating
  49. The first coffee I have when I wake up
  50. Roast potatoes

I tag:

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Norrie from Reading under the blankie

Darina from Facing the Story

India from Belles-Lettres

Bookish Heights

The Bookaholic Dreamer

I loved doing this tag, thinking about all the things that make me happy was such a great way to uplift my mood and make me feel really grateful about all the wonderful things in my life!

Molly ♥

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