Stephanie Danler’s Sweetbitter Book Review

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Stephanie Danler Sweet Bitter Book Review One World Publisher

“BITTER: always a bit unanticipated. Coffee, chocolate, rosemary, citrus rinds, wine. Once, when we were wild, it told us about poison. The mouth still hesitates at each new encounter. We urge it forward, say, Adapt. Now, enjoy it.”

A Week in Food and Drink – Edinburgh Edition

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In my opinion, the best thing about travelling to new places is the food. When I go somewhere I do my background work and I make myself a little list of food and drink places to visit, I’ve lived in London almost a year and I’ve been doing this here too. I am a coffee shop lover at heart, there is nothing I love more than going for coffee and cake, and travelling just means theres new coffee, cake and quirky cafés to discover. I was in Edinburgh for 4 days, and there were so many places I wanted to eat at, but these were the ones that I managed to get to;

New year book haul

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Oh boy have the past 2 weeks been full of great books. I hadn’t bought myself new books since October, and with the introduction of a new yearly goal I felt in need of some new reads to motivate me. These are a collection of Christmas presents, books from my recent trip to Edinburgh and a cheeky gift from a publisher. The only difficult now is deciding which one I’m going to read first…

Edinburgh Travel Guide – The City’s Best Independent Bookstores

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I have been thinking about this post since I found out we were going to be visiting Edinburgh in 2019. There is an abundance of independent bookstores in London, but they are so difficult to find via the internet so I am still navigating all the ones I want to visit. Over the year I’ve seen people mention the following bookstores, and Ive done some online research to discover more about them. I only picked out a handful of bookstores to visit that really appealed to me, as I only had four days to explore Edinburgh and I didn’t want to waste it. Unfortunately, time did not allow me to venture further out to find some of the other stores that I wanted to visit. Nonetheless, I loved how the stores I picked were all differ from one another and were beautifully unique, I would recommend each of these stores for a different reason…

My 2020 resolutions & goals


I’ve had a bit of an iffy relationship with goal making in the past. I am always so ambitious. The typical Aries in me struggles to keep to things for long periods of time, blogging is a perfect example of this, having done 12 days of Blogmas and just giving up (face palm). I find my attention is so thinly strung that I last about 3 weeks doing something before I fall off the waggon for 2 weeks and climb back onto it again. I am prone to getting burnt out, and can’t resist getting sucked into the side hustle culture of my generation to the point where I get overwhelmed and end in a slump.

Blogmas day 11 – My 2019 Reading goals reviewed

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The most important thing when making goals is accountability, so this is me holding myself accountable for the failure of my 2019 reading goals. I love seeing people review their goals so I thought it would be fun to look at how many of these I have actually managed to achieve this year and hopefully will help me be a bit more logical with my 2020 goals.

Blogmas day 10 – 5 books I plan on reading in 2020

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5 books I will read in 2020Every year I try and try my best to reduce my TBR down and there are some books on my list that have been sitting in my collection for years. This post is a little manifestation for my next years reading, to help me tackle those few books that I’ve owned forever…I am putting it into the universe right now.

Blogmas day 9 – My first experience with audiobooks

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My_first_Experience_with_Audibooks_Audible_Three_Women_Lisa_TaddeoI’ve heard so much debate around audiobooks over the past few months. With audible being such a good option for busy people, commuters, people who drive to work, and people who cannot read physical books etc it didn’t really seem like the option for me. I love having a physical book, but it felt good to have some other formats under my belt too. In 2019 I got my first e-reader and I loved it way more than I expected to, so I figured it was worth a shot.

Blogmas day 7 – How I Edit My Blog/Instagram pictures

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How I edit my instagram picturesAs some of you may know, earlier this year I decided to make a bookstagram account. Last blogmas I LOVED creating amazing pictures to go with my blog posts, and I am a really visual person, so it made sense. Over the past 6 months I’ve really fine-tuned the way I edit my pictures to get them looking the way I want. Although I like to take a mix of different photos I tend to keep the same theme throughout my Instagram and blog, because I love the way they look when edited. It’s really difficult to know when a photo is good or not after you’ve taken it, and I only really decide whether it’s worth using after I’ve edited and it’s finished.